What I Discovered While Traveling to New York City

By David A. F. Sweet

Random thoughts as the pandemic ends and travel returns to normal in April 2022:

— Though American Airlines no longer requires masks, mask wearers comprised about half of the travelers in my unscientific survey at an American Airlines gate at O’Hare Airport.

— Chided myself for forgetting to charge my laptop, but with the help of a fellow passenger with better vision, found an outlet in front of us.

— American Airlines coffee is strong; tastes better than Southwest Airlines joe.

— La Guardia Terminal B is amazing – looks like a museum.

— Love the Sloan all-in-one sink, with soap, water and a hand dryer.

— The Warwick Hotel in Manhattan has Old World charm at reasonable prices. A bellhop will push your elevator button for you in the lobby

— Speaking of elevators, wearing a Cubs’ shirt in a New York hotel elevator is a good way to meet people.

— The Statue of Liberty doubles as a lighthouse.